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Setting up existing email accounts in WIX

Will need some information from whomever your original business email is set up.


Otherwise, all contact form emails go only to Steve and are managed through WIX, either on desktop or mobile. (APP download required)


Another option is to pay WIX $6.50  per month for web related email addresses. i.e., website@... and communicaions@ ... I have never set up this way, so there would be a learning curve, and it may not be the best solution anyway. I don't know yet.


It may be a good idea to have a separate email address for communications (whether through WIX or your email server (we will need to know who that is - either way) That way, whomever you assign to monitor the website will get those notifications automatically.


Without more information, I can't make a recommendation as to which option will work most effectively or even work at all.


All I am sure about, at the moment, is that form email does and can go to Steve's mobile, but Steve only. (or anyone logged into the site as Steve) If he is ok with that, and someone is logged into the site - regularly,  we can leave everything the way it is. Else, you will miss the website's client generated emails.

It is not particularly easy setting existing business email into WIX. 

If you want more or better email connections, we have to jump through some hoops. See below.


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